An Overview of Measurement Incorporated

MI Building

Measurement Incorporated™ (MI) is an employee-owned corporation that provides educational and professional examinations, program evaluation, and related services to state and local governments, other testing companies, and various professional organizations. Since its founding in 1980, MI has earned and continues to uphold its reputation as the industry leader in providing professional handscoring services for essays and open-ended exams. We have steadily built our capabilities and expertise to include test development, scanning, scoring, score reporting, psychometric services, program evaluation, printing, administration, secure shipping and storage, professional development, and multimedia instructional support.

In addition to its headquarters in Durham, the company maintains operations at 12 office locations in nine states and employs a full-time staff of almost 400 in addition to thousands of seasonal employees who assist in assessment scoring, test item development, and materials handling. Under the leadership of our dedicated and highly qualified management team, the company is organized into seven main departments: Research and Test Development; Performance Assessment Scoring; Information Technology Services; Evaluation Services; Software Products; Materials Management; and Administration.

Our History

In 1975, Dr. Henry Scherich earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, with an emphasis in Statistics and Measurement from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. After gaining substantial work experience in educational publishing and testing, Dr. Scherich was ready to stake his future in the growing testing industry. Measurement Incorporated was established in 1980 in the basement of his former home on Woodrow Street in Durham, North Carolina, and officially incorporated on March 14.

Under the continued leadership of Dr. Scherich, the MI staff have successfully completed numerous large-scale assessment projects, scored millions of tests, developed tens of thousands of test items, and produced a multitude of instructional instruments. The company has expanded its scoring facilities and its capacity to provide additional services and technologies related to assessment.

Additional details and the stories behind MI’s three historic buildings in Downtown Durham are presented in the publication History in Our Midst.

Our Work

With adherence to strict security guidelines, demanding deadlines, and our dedication to accuracy, MI has developed and scored tests in several critical content areas including writing, reading, mathematics, science/technology, social studies, fine arts, and health, while also providing the capability of accommodating students with limited English proficiency and special needs. MI has also provided the tools and services to assess the skills of teachers, translators, and other professionals. Looking toward the future of the educational services industry, MI continues to develop a full range of capabilities to support all facets of student assessment from kindergarten through college as well as at the professional level.

Our Culture

Measurement Incorporated is an employee-owned corporation that invokes a sense of pride and responsibility in its employees toward the customers they serve and the communities in which they live. From the beginning, MI has always maintained a humanistic, inclusive work environment for its employees to encourage increased staff morale, loyalty, productivity and ultimately, profitability. As a community-conscious organization, MI participates in programs involving student internships, literacy, education, preservation, and recycling. Over the years, MI has been honored with recognitions and awards from the community for business development, historic renovation, dedication to educational pursuits, support of employees and families, and charitable contributions.

Our Clients

MI has built a solid reputation in the testing industry by consistently providing high standards of quality for test development and handscoring services to our customers. Our list of satisfied customers includes over 25 state and local departments of education and more than 15 corporate clients and partners.

MI in the Community

Measurement Incorporated is an employee-owned corporation that encourages a sense of pride and responsibility in its employees – toward the clients and the community. The company participates in and supports programs involving student and employee education and enrichment, health and wellness, literacy, arts, historic preservation, community revitalization, and support for the disadvantaged and disabled.

Awards and Recognition

Over the years, MI has been honored with recognitions and awards for business development, historic renovation, charitable contributions, support of employees and families, and dedication to educational pursuits. A few of them are listed below.