English Language Arts (ELA) Content Specialist


Confer with MI Project Manager and client staff to create and implement a plan for creating test items for one or more assessments.  Oversee the work of item writers and reviewers to assure alignment of test items and ancillary materials to client specifications.  Work with project staff and management as well as MI senior managers to maintain positive client interaction.  Follow project schedules, style guides, and work plans to complete all project work on schedule and at the highest professional levels of quality and accuracy.

  • Train and monitor the work of test item writers.  Assign test item writing assignments for item writers.  Evaluate the quality of item writer work and provide constructive feedback. Write and revise items to align with client expectations.
  • Locate test passages from published sources and commission new passages from writers. Edit passages according to client specifications and assess passages to ensure they will support items for a variety of content standards. Write passage analysis documents.
  • Prepare test passages and items for content review by client staff and review committees. Present final versions of test passages and items for approval by project management and staff.
  • Prepare materials for and present professional development activities for clients related to test and item development.


  • A bachelor’s degree in related content area is required.  A master’s degree is preferred. Teaching experience is highly desirable, although related content experience may be substituted for teaching experience or advanced degrees.
  • Proficiency and flexibility in using and learning new software applications for item authoring is essential.
  • A strong understanding of the Common Core State Standards for ELA, along with a familiarity with Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK), and readability measures (Lexile) is essential.
  • A strong candidate would possess the ability to provide a quality review of ELA items for a range of grade levels (elementary to middle, or middle to high school).
  • Travel of approximately 20 days per year to meet with clients and review committees may be required.


This is a full-time position in Durham, North Carolina, with excellent company benefits including holidays, vacation, sick leave, health insurance, and ESOP. Position is on-site, but remote work will be considered for a highly qualified applicant. Base salary is competitive and based on experience.