MI Bridge: Connecting Instructional Goals with High Performance Outcomes

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Dedicated to helping schools connect instructional goals with high performance outcomes, Measurement Incorporated proudly offers MI Bridge, our innovative suite of products and services that prepare educators and students alike for the next generation of assessments.

Item Bank |

Offering over 20,000 test items that have been developed by our expert staff of psychometricians, project directors, content specialists, and editors

Writing Practice

Empower students writing skills through our online practice environment to become more proficient writers through prewriting, revision, peer review, and feedback tools

Formative Assessment |

Create instant on-demand online assessments any time using MI’s supplied item bank or by adding your own custom items

Secure Summative Assessment |

Full-featured, tiered-access test delivery system providing a comprehensive testing solution for varying needs while ensuring confidentiality of test content and student data