March 25, 2016

You teach the lesson, assign homework, and grade assignments. But how do you know it's all working? How do you know that all of your students are benefiting from the instruction? PEG Writing can help answer these questions.

February 24, 2016

There are many reasons students may be reluctant to write: some think they cannot write well, leading to frustration and an unwillingness to try. Other students may feel the pressure of getting a good grade, always trying to perfect their assignments. ELL students face the difficult task of building fluency in a language while trying to build their writing skills.

January 5, 2016
We are excited to announce new updates to the PEG Writing user site! Earlier today, we released the latest version of PEG Writing, which includes constructed response scoring and essay formatting and finalizing.
December 14, 2015
The writing process does not happen in a vacuum. In order to improve writing skills, it is important for students to receive feedback and opportunities for revision. This is the belief behind PEG Writing. As soon as students submit an essay, they receive feedback and use it to revise their work. Once they are ready to share their work, students can also request reviews from peers or ask questions of their teachers. These features foster a collaborative environment in the classroom.