PEG Writing®

PEG Writing® is a web-based learning environment and formative assessment system that allows students to improve their writing through frequent practice and guided instructional support. Available anywhere, on any device, PEG Writing combines more opportunities to write with immediate scoring and feedback to help students develop effective writing skills. Student writing is instantly evaluated by MI’s award-winning automated scoring technology, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By streamlining the grading process, PEG Writing makes it easier for teachers to focus more on developing learning strategies and interacting with students. 

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An Anytime/Anywhere Writing Practice Tool for Students

PEG Writing promotes writing improvement while engaging students’ interest. PEG Writing enables students to:

  • Submit responses to stimulating grade-appropriate prompts at school or at home, 24/7.
  • Instantly receive scores aligned to six traits of effective writing.
  • Receive immediate, meaningful diagnostic feedback, along with recommended activities designed to help students improve their scores.
  • Explore a variety of instructional tools such as graphic organizers and engaging, interactive tutorials.
  • Chart their own progress toward grade-level proficiency through student portfolios.
  • Utilize peer review to exchange feedback with their classmates.
  • Customize their usage experience with accessibilty options, including adaptable font size, background color, and highlighting.

A Teacher’s Classroom Partner

Because PEG Writing provides students feedback on the Six Traits of Writing with every draft, as well as tracking each student’s progress, it allows teachers to focus on instruction, gearing it to individual needs. Teachers can also:

  • Choose from a variety of pre-packaged writing prompts with stimulus material for a variety of content areas.
  • Create custom prompts, with or without stimulus material, aligned to classroom instructional units.
  • Assign tutorial exercises based on classroom instructional units or individual student needs.
  • Add personalized direct feedback through “electronic sticky notes” or the text/chat feature.
  • Give students practice in giving and receiving peer feedback using the peer editing tool.
  • Score student essays on content and text evidence.
  • Track student progress on an individual or class basis and report proficiency on the traits or across demographic groups.
  • Manage student enrollment and monitor student use of the instructional supports. 
  • Assign lessons to encourage even more individualized, targeted practice.
  • Differentiate learning for each student through prompt recommendations, grade level scoring options, and personalized feedback.


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