Overcoming Obstacles to Good Writing Instruction

We know that teachers face so many obstacles in their classrooms every day:

  • Curriculum
  • Evaluations
  • Assessments
  • Student Behavior
  • Lack of time, support, and resources

When it comes to writing instruction, it seems like those issues are magnified. Even for ELA teachers, it can be a struggle to include meaningful writing instruction.  

First things first. When do teachers have time to teach writing? It should be introduced, explained with examples, and modeled, but with everything else that must be covered in the curriculum, where does this fit?

With MI Write, teachers and students have access to a wide variety of lessons that support classroom instruction on everything from basic grammar to how to write effective conclusions. These lessons are interactive and under 10 minutes; perfect for mini-lessons or quick skill checks. Teachers can provide instruction on a specific topic and supplement it with a corresponding lesson to give students practice.

Say they find time to squeeze in a mini-lesson and a quick activity. Will teachers have time to really look at their students’ writing and give feedback that will help their students improve their skills?

Perhaps the greatest time-saving element of MI Write is the automated feedback given on each submitted draft where students receive a score and feedback based on The Six Traits of Writing. They will see the submitted draft with in-line feedback on spelling and grammar, as well as an evaluation of each of the six traits. These evaluations are comments and guiding questions that will help students think more critically about their writing. Instead of spending 30 minutes to an hour on each essay, looking at everything, teachers can now spend far less time and really zero in on specific skills or components.  

In some cases, time isn’t as much of an issue is as the teacher’s lack of knowledge or confidence in writing instruction. Not all teacher-prep programs supply their students with adequate instruction, practice, or resources in the teaching of writing. What then?

MI Write has several features that will allow teachers to come in at a basic level of knowledge and confidence when it comes to writing instruction. Instant access to so many lessons will provide a starting point for both teacher and student. Each grade level also has 50-70 pre-packaged prompts for teachers to choose from, as well as the ability to add and create their own to meet their instructional needs. Within all prompts, there are advanced options where teachers have the flexibility to set parameters based on their needs for each assignment. Because no one knows their students like teachers, these advanced options are available to meet writers where they are and challenge them, and it’s simple to create the desired assignment that will do just that. 

While all of education’s problems cannot be solved in one simple program, MI Write does tackle obstacles regarding writing instruction, freeing up a lot of time for teachers to do what they love to do: teach! If you are interested in learning more about MI Write and how it can help relieve stress in your school or classroom, contact us today!