Assessment Services

At the core of MI’s offerings are our Educational Testing services. Providing these services for over 30 years, the company has earned high recognition in the field for superior levels of customized service, accurate results, and dedicated, knowledgeable staff.

At MI, we understand the federal regulations that guide state programs, but we also recognize the need of each state to develop its own examination and testing standards. We have worked hard to nurture strong collaborative relationships with state departments of education, ensuring that their specific testing goals are realized. We have worked with over 30 departments of education to develop, administer, score, and report results of a wide variety of exams in all core content areas for K-12 students, including those with limited English proficiency and special needs, as well as:

Scoring & Reporting

Performance Assessment Scoring

MI provides the full range of services associated with performance assessment scoring, including conducting rangefinding proceedings, developing scoring tools and training materials, evaluating prompts and constructed-response items, recruit­ing and hiring scoring personnel, performing training activities, supervising scoring efforts, and providing program management. We offer a variety of assessment scoring technologies and image scoring in addition to traditional paper and pencil assessments, and our scoring systems support both site-based face-to-face and distributed scoring models. We are able to score assessments across the entire range of subject areas and across all levels, from kindergarten through college and at the professional level.

Our reader/evaluators score more than 10 million tests annually. This volume includes evaluation of written essays; constructed-response items in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies; and other performance assessment tasks. We have the capacity and expertise to handle a large volume of high-stakes statewide assessments and have the flexibility to apply the scoring criteria and standards demanded by each unique client.

Reliable results are assured by conducting rangefinding sessions with the client to define the range of score points; recruiting qualified scoring staff; providing them with thorough training and high-quality training materials; and conducting multiple readings of the student responses by independent scorers and then comparing and analyzing score data.

Our scoring staff consists of 30 full-time professionals (project managers and assistants) as well as hundreds of seasonal scorers, team leaders, and scoring directors at each of our 10 scoring centers. Our staff has expertise in a wide variety of fields, and many are former teachers. We are experts at establishing new or temporary scoring centers in the client’s choice of location. On numerous occasions we have had the opportunity to work with states and districts to train local educators to score constructed-response items and performance tasks as part of their standards-based summative and formative assessment systems.

Scanning and Machine Scoring

MI makes use of several NCS/Pearson scanners in collecting demographic information and selected-response answers from student test booklets. The equipment is also used in capturing the scores assigned by our reader/evaluators in paper-and-pencil performance assessments. Net production rate at our headquarters is in excess of 17,500 sheets scanned per hour, with additional scanners used at each of our other scoring centers.

MI also utilizes imaging technology to collect student data. Imaging technology permits online scoring plus the ability to provide clients with images of student documents to facilitate storage and retrieval. All imaging is accomplished at the corporate offices in Durham, NC, through the use of state-of-the-art BancTec® IntelliScan® XDS color scanners. Net production rate is in excess of 79,200 sheets imaged per hour.

Score results are delivered to the client through a variety of secure reporting methods.


MI employs more than 35 full-time professional software developers and data analysts to design, develop, test, and maintain custom score reporting applications for our clients. We can accommodate simple custom reporting tasks to multivariate analyses involving many large data sets, modify an existing reporting system, or design and develop an entire customized suite of reporting applications. Typical tools used include Crystal Reports, Microsoft .NET, and SQL Server.

We can deliver results of large-scale student assessments via secure electronic transmission of data to the location of the client’s choice or by producing reports in-house using a variety of high-speed linotronic and laser printers. We maintain over a dozen printers that each produce between 50 and 135 pages per minute, most of which have duplex printing capabilities. They’re commonly used to produce class rosters, student barcode labels, individual score reports, and summary reports by class, school, and district.

MI incorporates stringent security procedures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of student information and test results. Secure transmission of data is accomplished with industry standard solutions such as SSL, SFTP, and VPN tunnels, and data is archived to off-site locations through the use of real-time snap shots, replication, NDMP, and traditional tape backup techniques.

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Psychometric Services

MI’s Department of Psychometric Services has a long history of providing high-quality work and technical guidance to a wide variety of clientele. Our consideration of psychometrics as the foundational key to assessment has driven our work since the company’s inception; under decades of leadership by Dr. Michael Bunch (since retired), we have developed and continue to enjoy an outstanding reputation in the industry. Now led by Director of Psychometric Services Dr. Yong He, the department comprises four psychometricians, a data analyst, and a software developer. Collectively, the team boasts over 70 years of assessment experience and over 60 years of tenure at MI, a reflection of our dedication to the field and the company.

Following the company motto, Excellence in Assessment™, our approach is grounded in a simple philosophy: understand what the client needs; work diligently to exceed those needs; do it right the first time. Our work and our commitment to that work are thus characterized by a depth of knowledge about assessment in general and psychometrics in particular; well-honed and up-to-date technical expertise; the contextual understanding of clients’ needs that can only be attained through careful listening and thoughtful response; collaboration, both internally across departments and externally with clients and other contractor colleagues; and institutional memory born of project personnel continuity and intentional relationship-building.

The department offers a full range of psychometric services and analyses, including, but not limited to: operational test design, equating, scaling, classical item analysis, IRT analysis, differential item functioning, alignment studies, and reliability and validity analyses. We are skilled presenters and writers, communicating complex ideas to a variety of stakeholders. We regularly design, conduct, and facilitate standard-setting meetings; Dr. Bunch quite literally “wrote the book,” Standard Setting: A Guide to Establishing and Evaluating Performance Standards on Tests (Cizek & Bunch, 2007). For every project, MI psychometricians and analysts work to ensure that all assessment materials are statistically sound, in line with best practices, and legally defensible. In doing so, we use industry-standard software packages (i.e., SAS, WINSTEPS, etc.); furthermore, with a dedicated software developer on staff, as well as a larger MI Software Products division, we can create our software solutions in-house, tailored to project needs.

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Secure Test Administration

The logistics of providing hundreds of thousands of testing materials to thousands of test sites while maintaining quality, security, and strict client deadlines can be quite complex. MI has been providing this service successfully for decades by implementing and continually improving quality control methods to minimize the threat of breaches and lost materials.

Measurement Incorporated Printing Services

MI typically produces between one million and six million test booklets annually. We accomplish this volume through our own in-house digital printing equipment in conjunction with established local printers. For printing of scannable forms, we utilize the services of nationally known, reputable printing vendors, requiring of them the same high professional standards and security precautions as we demand of ourselves. Our editors are trained to detect and correct errors related to high-stakes tests and ancillary materials, and all products must complete a series of reviews before final printing.

Measurement Incorporated Printing Services also provides copying and printing service to the public. Please contact Lisa McCown for assistance with brochures, invitations, business cards, etc.

Secure Shipping and Storage

MI’s Support Services staff includes over three dozen full-time and numerous seasonal employees to support distribution, collection, and warehousing activities. They are familiar with the unique requirements associated with the handling of large-scale, high-stakes assessments. MI developed an internal tracking system that can locate individual test documents at any given time while they are in our possession. We adhere to stringent security measures to assure clients and students that their tests, responses, and results remain confidential.

Our headquarters and main processing center in Durham, North Carolina, has a total of 270,000 square feet of space, 36,600 of which is devoted to staging and storage. MI also leases an additional 100,000 square feet of shipping and storage space in four nearby warehouses. Each of our additional nine scoring centers retains an appropriate amount of staging and storage space as well as the experienced personnel needed to accommodate the large volume of materials sent there.

MI can provide short-term or long-term storage and retrieval of tests for our clients as well as secure, in-house shredding and recycling of materials once a testing program is complete.

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Item and Test Development

MI employs a full-time test development staff of over 80 professionals including psychometricians, project directors, content specialists, editors, graphic artists, and support staff. We are experts in recruiting and training educators to write and review thousands of high-quality test items annually. Our experienced project managers, working in cooperation with clients, assure that all items and tests are valid, reliable, and free of bias.

Our experience includes not just development of items and test forms but also test item specifications, field test plans, performance and oral assessments, observation checklists, administration manuals, scoring guides, and interpretation guides. Our in-house psychometricians conduct relevant psychometric analyses including standard setting, scaling, and equating. MI has developed tests for students in kindergarten through college in multiple content areas, for those with limited English proficiency and/or physical and cognitive limitations, and for professionals seeking a variety of certifications.

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