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Your digital toolbox may be overflowing with all sorts of apps, websites, and programs that you added in the last year due to virtual learning. How many of those are you still using? How many are still proving to be effective? You can count them.  

Go ahead. I'll wait. 

Jacob and Jordan: Your MI Write Team, Part 4

Jacob Wilson is our Operations Specialist and the one who gets your accounts up and running. He’s been with MI for two and a half years now. 

 Jacob Wilson

What do you love about your job? 
The ability to help clients on a daily basis. I have a passion to serve others and this role allows me to do just that. 

Kim and Jason: Your MI Write Team, Part 3

Kim Wilson has been a Client Success Specialist for MI Write for the last three years, but has been with MI for eight years.

Kim Wilson

Chris and Kendra: Your MI Write Team, Part 2

Christine Pirrello has been the Professional Development and Education Manager for MI Write for the last two years.  

Christine Pirrello

Michelle and Evie: Your MI Write Team, Part 1

Michelle Keitz is the Business Development Manager for MI Write. In her six years with MI, she’s been in this role for the last three. 

Michelle and her family

A New PEG Writing

PEG Writing has a brand new look to go along with its new name, MI Write! We’ve freshened up the website to make it more user-friendly and modern. But don’t worry! You don’t have to learn an entirely new process. Nearly all of the functions remain the same.

What’s new?