A Poetry Freebie for YOU!

How to Write About COVID-19 ... Even in Math Class

It’s in the news.

It’s on our minds.

It’s all over social media.

It’s changed our lives. 


Winter Writing Activities

Treetops glistening with fresh snow is the quintessential winter image, which can be distracting for those students with wandering minds. So how can you bring those students back to the present and use the season to engage them in productivity? We’ve curated a collection of prompts and activities that you can use in your classroom and harness that winter energy.

Maya Angelou said it best--

As the holiday season approaches, much quicker each year it seems, we wanted to share some inspirational quotes that remind us all to be thankful for the people in our lives, the little things, and the things we most often take for granted. 

Fall Prompts and Lesson Ideas

It’s officially fall and we’re celebrating with some new autumn-themed prompts! Engaging and current prompts are the key to capturing the attention of students. Including different season-based work into the curriculum can make writing assignments more enjoyable for students. To celebrate the beginning of autumn, we are sharing a couple of fall-themed prompts for you! Take these and make them your own to use in your classroom.


Freebie: Poetry Analysis Lesson