End of Year

Meet our 2022 MI Write Teacher of the Year


Our search for the MI Write Teacher of the Year turned up over 30 nominations this year. Our team of judges evaluated each nominee based on effective and creative use of MI Write, as well as advocacy and success. There were several high-scoring teachers, but only one had top marks across the board! 

You'll Always Remember How It Ends

A Teacher's Summer

Take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. 

You can do that now that summer is here! We know that the end of the school year can be a bittersweet time for both teachers and students. You spent the whole year pouring yourself into your kids and watching them grow. They’ve driven you crazy and made you proud, sometimes simultaneously. You’ve, likewise, had encouraging moments that outshine the times that you lost your cool and had to show them what “tough love” looks like. You are, without a doubt, exhausted.

The Best End-of-Year Gifts for Teachers

There are several times throughout the year when students typically give their teachers a gift: Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Week, their birthday (if they tell their students when it is). But another great time to shower teachers with love and appreciation is the end of the year when they are running on the fumes of coffee and the promise of summer break. We’ve pulled together a short list of our favorite gifts for teachers.

Remind teachers to take time to relax: