6 Essential Elements of Meaningful Writing Instruction


Teaching writing is hard. It's hard because the English language has more exceptions than it does rules, and that's difficult for a 3rd grader to grasp. It's hard because there are those other "more important, tested" subject areas that are highly emphasized and have unlimited resources to support them. It's hard because amid the current climate of covid-19 uncertainty, consistency rarely exists.  

Do my students need to peer review?


In short, yes. And the answer to your next question can be found in the rest of this all-too-brief, digestible, 5-minute-read blog. 

Why should your students participate in peer review? Why is it important? 

Plagiarism - in my own words


"In your own words" 
"Cite your sources" 
"No, you can't just copy and paste that entire website as your essay." 

Things teachers say quite frequently when giving writing assignments. Well, hopefully not the last one, but we all know there are students who will try. 

Power Up with Us!


Your digital toolbox may be overflowing with all sorts of apps, websites, and programs that you added in the last year due to virtual learning. How many of those are you still using? How many are still proving to be effective? You can count them.  

Go ahead. I'll wait. 

A Poetry Freebie for YOU!

Reports: You want them; Admins need them; We’ve got them

Reports are the key to tracking student growth and knowing how to best use them is essential for every teacher. As MI Write teachers, you have access to a number of useful reports within your account. We’ve summarized each category for you, including what to expect and how to use them. All of the reports are displayed in table form and accompanied by a graph to illustrate the data in a visual manner.

I Can Write in Math Class?

The responsibility for writing instruction shouldn’t all fall on the shoulders of English teachers. Writing can happen, taught, and improved in any subject area! Studies have shown that writing in any content deepens students’ comprehension and confidence in the subject. 

Writing ALL Year Long

Writing isn’t always given the time and attention it deserves. We know that your schedule may not have much wiggle room, especially in these odd days of the pandemic and blended learning models of schooling. However, we do hope that you will be able to squeeze in writing instruction when you can. To help you do that, here are some suggestions* for how and when to include writing in your lesson.

Your Writing Instruction Questions Answered!

We’ve done some digging into the education industry and found a variety of frequently asked questions about writing instruction specifically. Our goal here is to shed some light on these questions and give you more confidence in teaching writing.

e-Learning is Better with MI Write

With the rising number of schools closing due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we’d be remiss if we didn’t continue to show our support of teachers and students. Schools may be out for up to eight weeks, which is a long time to be out of the classroom. Many of these districts and schools are looking to e-learning in order to keep up with the curriculum. We want to help!