MI Write Has Got You Covered!

Summer is quickly coming to an end and you are undoubtedly thinking about the upcoming school year. Whether you’ll be teaching online or in person, you may be dealing with new standards in your state. Florida and Colorado are two states that are revamping their standards for student learning. Fear not! MI Write works with any standards. 

MI Write's Newest Feature: National Normative Data

You’re at the end of a unit and you want to see what your students have learned. What do you do? The easy thing would be to give them a test. But that would only show what they know, not what they’ve learned. You realize that you probably should have started the unit with a pre-test to see where your students were before you taught the lessons. (Don’t worry; we’ve all been there!) As student growth is the goal, you need a marker at the beginning to have something to compare to at different points in the year.