A New PEG Writing

PEG Writing has a brand new look to go along with its new name, MI Write! We’ve freshened up the website to make it more user-friendly and modern. But don’t worry! You don’t have to learn an entirely new process. Nearly all of the functions remain the same.

What’s new?

  • You may notice the tabs in a more logical order at the top of any course page. We also added icons for each tab to give them a bit of character.
  • Speaking of character, you now have the ability to add an avatar to your account. Go into “My Account” and add your own photo there. These avatars will show up next to your name in your students’ accounts whenever you use the messaging feature. Your students have the same new avatar feature, although you can turn this off for your courses on the Edit Course page.
  • On the prompts tabs, you can now quickly and easily print any peer reviews that have been completed for any prompt. The biggest change overall is the revamping of the peer review. This is found within any prompt. In addition to the two required questions, you have the ability to choose up to six of the pre-loaded genre- and grade-specific questions.
  • We reorganized the reports page to be more easily accessible. Each type of report is still available with the option to export and print.
  • Students also have a more convenient side-by-side revision page so that they can work on their current drafts while also viewing their graphic organizer, feedback from a recent draft, or a completed peer review.

What’s the same?

Most features are the same as what you’re used to. You have the same access to student work, analysis, and reports. You can still create student groups for peer review, send messages directly to students on a particular draft, and create your own prompts. Students will continue to submit their writing and receive immediate, individualized feedback from our award-winning automated essay scoring engine, PEG. Best of all, you will continue to see your students grow in their writing skills, proficiency, and confidence through use of MI Write.

Why the change?

We decided to change the name to align more with our corporate identity and establish better unity with our parent company, Measurement Incorporated (MI). With a new name, we also needed a new look. The website and program underwent few, but significant, changes since debuting in 2004, and we wanted to update the program to be relevant and align with the evolving climate of education. The new features improve the user experience and the modern look keeps up with the ever-advancing face of educational technology. Above all, the driving force in this big release was the fact that our clients deserve our best!

If you would like to know more about the changes, contact your Client Success Specialist or email us at info@miwrite.net.