“The Promise of Automated Writing Evaluation for English Learners” Featured in Language Magazine

Automated Writing

Language Magazine, a monthly publication that provides information for language learners, educators, and professionals around the world, has featured the article “The Promise of Automated Writing Evaluation for English Learners” by Corey Palermo (Measurement Incorporated) and Josh Wilson (University of Delaware).

Automated Writing Evaluation (AWE) tools have shown promise in improving writing skills, but little research has focused on their effectiveness for English learners (ELs) in the United States, especially among elementary-aged ELs. The article summarizes findings from a study conducted by the authors with Arianto Wibowo that investigated whether elementary-aged ELs benefitted from the AWE system MI Write to the same extent as non-ELs. The authors discuss the implications of findings and then offer recommendations for teachers regarding the use of AWE to support the writing development of ELs. You can read the article at https://www.languagemagazine.com/2023/09/27/the-promise-of-automated-writing-evaluation-for-english-learners/. The full study will be published in an upcoming special issue of the journal Learning and Instruction focused on Literacy and Feedback.