New Features in PEG Writing

We are excited to announce new updates to the PEG Writing user site! Earlier today, we released the latest version of PEG Writing, which includes constructed response scoring and essay formatting and finalizing. More information about these new features is below.

Constructed Response Scoring

  • Constructed response scoring is designed to instantly score responses that are 250 words or fewer. This scoring is perfect when writing individual paragraphs, explanations in math class, and much more!
  • Constructed response essays receive a holistic score on a scale from 1 to 3 based on focus, purpose, organization, structure, and specific information. Student responses and scores are accessible in the Writing History for students and teachers but are not currently included in student, teacher, or administrator data reports.
  • To utilize constructed response scoring, click on the Prompts tab to add a prompt. When selecting the prompt’s genre, choose “Constructed Response.”

Essay Formatting and Finalizing

  • Students now have the option to format (font size, bold, italics, etc.) and finalize their essays!
  • When students are finished revising and editing an essay, they can click “Format,” then “Preview” to see their work, and “Finalize” to complete their work.
  • Only scored essays can be formatted. Once students format an essay, they can no longer submit that essay for a new PEG Writing score. This should be the final step in the writing process!
  • Students and teachers can click on “Published Essay” in order to print the formatted version of the essay.